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DDR3 memory

DDR3 memory  4GB 8GB Stable Performence

Type:   DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Model:   DDR3 4GB 8GB
Keywords:    ddr3 1333mhz 1600mhz 4g 8g
Memory Speed:   1333mhz 1600mhz PC3-12800
Unit Chip capacity:   512*8
Memory Socket:   LONG DIMM
Dimm:   240-pin
Voltage:   1.35V-1.5V
Function:   Non ECC Memory
Chip:   ETT Original chips
Compatibility:   work with all motherboards for desktop
RAM Brand:   All brands and support OEM ODM Clients logo
Warranty:   3 year warranty

2019-11-4 11:12:15